Voting By-Mail

Absentee Ballot Application

  • Alaska is a no excuse absentee voting state. Anyone may apply to receive an absentee ballot by mail.

  • You may apply for a by-mail ballot starting January 1st of each year an election is scheduled. Visit our Election Dates and Hours web page for dates of upcoming elections.

  • The Absentee Ballot Application will register you to vote or update your voting record when you apply in addition to scheduling you to receive a by-mail ballot.

  • Use our Absentee Ballot Application Wizard to fill out your Absentee Ballot Application. Once you have filled out the application, you will need to print it and sign your application.

  • Print, complete and sign an Absentee Ballot Application.

  • Send your completed application to the Absentee and Petition Office by mail, fax or by email as an attached PDF, TIFF or JPEG file.

Deadline Dates and General Information

  • Your completed application must be received no later than 10 days before Election Day.

  • When registering to vote for the first time, your application must be postmarked or received 30 days before Election Day.

  • When updating your party affiliation or residence address, your application must be postmarked or received 30 days before Election Day for those changes to be eligible for an election.

  • In a presidential election, you may register to vote and particpate in the presidential race so long as your completed application and any supporting documentation is received 10 days prior to Election Day.

  • For additional assistance, contact the Absentee and Petition Office.

How to Vote Your By-Mail Ballot

  • In your voting packet you will receive a ballot, a return mailing envelope with the Voter Certificate and identification requirements, instructions and a gray secrecy sleeve.

  • Vote your ballot by filling in the ovals next to your choices.

  • Place your voted ballot inside the gray secrecy sleeve. Place the gray sleeve containing your voted ballot inside the return mailing envelope.

  • In the presence of your witness, sign your ballot envelope and provide at least ONE identifier.

  • Have your signature witnessed by someone 18 years of age or older or by an authorized official (Notary Public, municpal clerk, postal official, or any other official authorized and willing to administer the oath).

  • Secure your ballot by folding over the flap and sealing the flap at the top and the bottom.

  • Apply the correct amount of postage to the return envelope. Postal amount will be provided with the instructions.

  • Mail your ballot. It must be postmarked on or before Election Day.